Places To Eat: Burger Point, Seawoods

Places To Eat: Burger Point, Seawoods

In the crowded street near Seawoods Grand Central Mall, in the midst of all the hustle and bustle just at a corner sits this small place where the staff claims that they are here to make burgers and we try to make the best burgers. I think there is some truth to what he says after my visit to Burger Point.

The place is just plain simple, nothing special about the way it is set-up and it’s not uncomfortable for most people either. The service of Burger Point is good, they obliged to our special requests and explain us the dishes perfectly when asked upon. This I find a deal winner because it really helps me to order the right food for my taste. However, our first set of order took a little longer to serve than the second round. Since we were not in a hurry, we were fine with the little extra time they took to bring our food.

Who should Go to Burger Point?

The seating arrangement is made in such a way that two or max three people can sit and enjoy their food. However, it has those long chairs which everyone might not be comfortable with. If you are planning to go as a group then this place is not recommended as it is not set for them. You will have to sit separately which just defeats the purpose of going together. However, this place has a long bench which can accommodate a lot of people but the purpose of the bench I wasn’t sure. We were seated there until our food arrived but after the arrival of the food, the bench was just of no use for eating.

The Food at Burger Point:

Since, the staff was praising about how good their burgers, we ordered Fish Maharaja, Fish Surprise, and Mutton Kabab Chilli Lava Burger. For the side dish, we ordered Fried Chicken Wings. Though we tried fish and mutton, the place has plenty of options for chicken lovers and also for vegetarians. We were tempted to try the Mozzerella Burger, but that we have kept for our second visit.

Fish Maharaja was splendid with double of everything – The patty, bun, veggies, cheese and not just double of everything it was the right amalgamation of the ingredients too. It was without a doubt one of the best Fish burgers I had since ever. The bun was very soft which brings out the taste and the flavor of the fish patty. I wanted to go for a second serving of Fish Maharaha, but I went against my judgement to try for Fish Surprise Burger and I was not disappointed again.

Fish Surprise Burgeris a simple burger with fish patty and cheese in it, not sure why the name had surprise in it but I will not complain for the package it delivered. Maybe that’s the surprise, something so simple being so amazing.

We also had Mutton Kabab Chilli Lava Burger, which wasn’t up to the mark. The combination of the mutton kababs and the sauces were not ideal. They were overpowering the taste of mutton. I would not recommend anyone for Mutton Kabab Chilli Lava Burger or for their Fried Chicken Wings which we had as our appetizers. The outer coating was very good with a spicy twist but it felt like the chicken got wings and flew away. There was hardly any chicken meat in it, it was all about the good outer coating. Had they complemented their outer coating with some good quantity of meat, I would have loved it. Chicken wings with a spicy twist, even just the idea sounds so inviting.

Final Verdict Of Burger Point:

Just like the staff claim of delivering the best burgers, I would say, their Fish Burgers truly lived up to their claim but not the mutton burger. I would give this place a 4 rating out of 5 only for the amazing fish burgers they have at such reasonable prices. I would not recommend anyone to go for their Mutton Kabab Chilli Lava Burger or Fried Chicken Wings. The place is ideal for two to three customers and the staff is friendly and good. So, all those Fish lovers this one is definitely for you!!

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