Places To Eat: Cafe Sacro, Nerul

Places To Eat: Cafe Sacro, Nerul

Café Sacro: A Review

Enter Café Sacro and you will feel a very good vibe with simplistic design and a friendly staff. Café Sacro situated in Haware Centurion Mall in Nerul Sector 19A is a small chilled out cafe with some good music which you can visit with three or four friends as it cannot accommodate more than four in one table. I had been there with a friend of mine and I was satisfied with my visit. You are in a very relaxed environment and should visit it with no agenda in mind other than just chilling out.

The Food at the cafe Sacro:

The staff is very flexible with your taste and would make any customization if needed. We ordered Chicken Meatballs Panini, Fish Burger, Nachos with beans and chicken, and Pomegranate crushers. The food was a complete value for money and we were stuffed by the time we were to leave the place. Apart from the space, the other downside of the place was it has an appealing menu but not every dish was being served as of now. Hoping to visit again and have those Fish and chips later. The Fish Burger was good; however, the size was smaller than the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish. I liked the balance of the fish patty and the cheese in the burger but would have really enjoyed only if the size was at least 40% bigger so I would not recommend it. Even the bun I felt was a little dry for my taste. Chicken Meatballs Panini came with great taste and a good serving size. It is a 6-inch sub style of sandwich and I would recommend it. The one area of improvement was the bread of the Panini. I was expecting a soft inside and toasted bread outside, though the toast was done properly it felt a little dry for my taste. The Nachos with beans and chicken would have been a perfect end to my visit at café Sacro had they not missed adding chicken to the Nachos. It was only beans and after us pointing out that they forgot to add chicken to the Nachos, the staff was kind enough to offer us a new order with chicken. However, it would have been something which we could not have finished so we simply asked them to add chicken to the Nachos left in our plate and they obliged. Even though the chicken came in late, I loved it and would definitely ask everyone to give Nachos with beans and chicken a try but don’t forget to remind them to add chicken😉. The Pomegranate crushers though simple was quite refreshing with a perfect blend of taste.

Final Verdict of the Cafe Sacro:

Overall, I would give Café Sacro 3.5 out of 5 for being great value for money, friendly staff, relaxed ambiance, and good food. Do give it a shot if you are near Seawoods station or in the vicinity.

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