Places To Eat: Horizon (Lebanese), Nerul

Places To Eat: Horizon (Lebanese), Nerul

After visiting this place, a couple of weeks back. I again visited this place with a friend of mine, but last time it was a Mughlai treat and this time we went for a Lebanese treat and there aren’t many places in Nerul where we can find good Lebanese food. So, we went ahead and visited Horizon again to see how it fares on its Lebanese items. This place is situated in Sector 27, Nerul opposite Fire brigade. It is easily accessible for all food lovers and though the service was not up to the mark, the food was good and we went with a lot of expectation this time.

The place is very comfortable with good seating and very practical ambience. We went for lunch and the service we received was up to the mark. We were served with great professionalism. Food was being brought quickly and served properly. The waiters took good care of our need. However, food was telling a slightly different story.

The Food At Horizon:

We started with Shawarma platter which was served with two khabus. The hummus in our platter was very smooth and tasted good, I loved the khabus which was unlike others I have had before. This was softer and enriched the taste of hummus. However, I was disappointed by the chicken because it had so many veggies and personally, I would like more chicken if not that, at least one should not bail out and stuff less chicken inside. That is a big downer for me though the chicken present there was prepared well. The other problem I had with Chicken Shawarma platter was that it was just not made for two people the quantity was terribly low, it will not be sufficient even for a single decent eater. Also, the fries were not very good. Instead of providing the thicker fries we received the fries like those of McDonalds and too not very great. So, being hungry we went and ordered Kabsa rice with half Lebanese chicken. Now this again disappointed us for the quantity they were serving. They have mentioned in the menu that the items we have ordered were for two. However, the quantity present by them would be sufficient only for one. The chicken was fried well and was tender. However, the rice was unlike I all the Kabsa rice I had before. I would not recommend others to go for either the Kabsa rice or shawarma platter. However, for dessert we had fruit pudding which was melting in your mouth with the right balance of the taste. Finally, I ended my meal on a happy note.

Final Verdict Of Horizon:

The service and the place are ideal for your meals. However,the quantity and the quality of food needs attention. I would recommend fruit pudding and Lebanese Chicken. However, I would not recommend Kabsa rice with Lebanese chicken and Shawarma platter. The pricing is just too high for both the quality and quantity of the food. Hoping to visit again in a distant future to check onthe food again. Till then sayonara Horizon.

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