Places To Eat: Horizon (Mughlai), Nerul

Places To Eat: Horizon (Mughlai), Nerul

What happens when a group of 25 visit a restaurant and would like to sit in one table? Normally, apologies follow by the management that they cannot accommodate such a group in one table. However, Horizon did nothing of that sort even when it is not a restaurant which can accommodate such a large group in their restaurant. It did the next best thing – they immediately got on a mission to set up a table for 25 guests outside the restaurant in a well lit and airy space which nobody would say no to. After waiting for 10 minutes the entire group of people sat down happily.

Horizon known for Mughlai and Lebanese food is located in Sec 27, Nerul opposite the Fire Brigade. We went with what it was popular for when ordering our food. We ordered Mix Tandoori pot which had different types of Mughlai tandoori starters right from tandoori to seekh. It had almost everything they serve in their tandoori section. The starters were well cooked and tasty. In the main course, we ordered two different types of biryanis for both chicken and mutton lovers. Mutton Biryani and Chicken Biryani in the earthen pot. Though they claim that it is made in the earthen pot, we only had to go by their word because we did not see them serving it in them. Nonetheless, the taste was up to the mark with the mutton being very soft and cooked well. Though the taste was fantastic, the staff was not very helpful. They were trying to make the best use of the large group and the complication it brings with it i.e. keeping everyone happy. Instead of recommending the ideal serving size for one biryani they were trying to mislead us to order more. We still went on with the normal one biryani serving two people and it worked well for all of us. Had we gone with what the staff recommended we would have ended with more than what was required. It was also asking us to order the entire main course in one go as the waiting time they mention is too long. However, we did order an extra biryani which was brought in not much time. Also, we asked the restaurant to provide us with a bulk order which they plainly refuse saying it has to be ordered at least 2 hours before arrival.

Horizon I found to be very good with respect to the quality of food and even the quantity. However, the staff was not looking for the customer’s best interest in view rather was looking to maximize their profit. I had been to enough restaurants and when they do not provide air conditioning seating they give a discount. However, Horizon did nothing of that sort even after asking and bringing a big party last evening. In one line, go for food and not for good customer experience.

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