Places To Eat: KG’s Chinese Fast Food, Nerul, Navi Mumbai

Places To Eat: KG’s Chinese Fast Food, Nerul, Navi Mumbai

Two decades back, when small Chinese Fast Food restaurants were not the go-to place for youngsters, KG’s Chinese Fast Food restaurant was able to break that trend in Nerul. It was situated where kids with deep pockets were available – Opposite D Y Patil College.

Over the years it gained in popularity and everyone started coming in. Other kids with not so deep pockets would come and order their flagship item – Chicken crispy. I still remember four of us would go to that place after college if we want to eat something very good and we would chip in to order one plate of chicken crispy with their schezwan sauce which we would eat happily. For both the quantity and quality of it was amazing. KGs Chinese Fast Food Restaurant later started getting tough competition when KFC, Burger King, CCD, etc started establishing their hold in the area. As eating outside became normal for everyone, it targeted the area of Nerul where people live. KG’s Chinese Fast Food restaurant moved to Sec 21, Nerul. A little ahead of D Mart if you are coming for Nerul Station. While I go there once in a while for old times sake, it has brought in a welcome change recently. KG’s Chinese Fast Food restaurant has revamped its ambiance to suit a more modern look and has included some new items on their menu. We went to KGs to check that out.

Who should go to KG’s Chinese Fast Food?

Seating is prepared in such a way that two to six people can sit comfortably. Even if you go alone, they have those high seats which will give you a view from the glass window. You can quietly eat staring as the world slowly pass by. The ambience now has a more modern look which looks sharp and very good. KGs was always comfortable, now it has become a little more pleasing to the eyes too. Earlier it used to just look old.

The Food at KGs Chinese Fast Food:

After waiting for a while, the waiter bought us the menu card. The service was prompt and the waiters clearly explained us all the questions asked about dishes we wished to order. We ordered two items: Chicken Tawa Fry and Triple Combo Rice With Green Sauce.

Chicken Tawa Fry in the menu is mentioned as consisting four steak pieces but we received more than that. Don’t worry about the quantity, the pieces are big enough and it is a good item to order for four people too. The chicken was superbly cooked with juices flowing in each bite. It was tender to the point that a few bites and it could be gulped down the throat. It was cooked in a sauce which could have complemented it beautifully but it was a little too strong. I just wish that it was just an off day for that dish because I really want to recommend this to everyone.

Triple Combo Rice With Green Sauce belongs to their famous combo rice which I used to eat since I was just a kid. What they basically do is mix both the gravy and the rice in just the right quantity which brings the flavour of the gravy without becoming full of gravy. I used to love that, but after serving it in that style for 18 years they have decided to change the style because of some irritating customers. They now serve both the rice and the gravy separately. The rice and gravy were without doubt very good. The rice was well cooked and the green gravy had the spicy herb taste. I loved the taste but would have wanted the format in which it was earlier present. Had I known that they have changed the style, I would have requested them to serve us in just the same old classic KG’s format. The quantity though is good enough for two. I would definitely recommend this to you.

Though KG’s Chinese Fast Food signature is Chicken Crispy, we did not order that because over the years they have changed the taste, texture and the quantity. Now it is not their best dish though they claim it to be their flagship item. It is not something which is recommended now, but had it been 10 years back no order would have been complete without their chicken crispy.

Final Verdict:

The new and modern KG’s Chinese Fast Food has a very good ambiance which is ideal for everyone. The service is good, the waiters are friendly and you don’t have to wait long for food. The food is amazing and brings great value to money because of the taste and the quantity. Chicken Tawa Fry and Triple Combo Rice With Green Sauce even with its shortcomings are highly recommended. I wanted to give it five but the taste of Chicken Tawa Fry was a little strong and their combo rice is just rice and gravy given separately. I would settle with a four.

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