Places To Visit: Manipal Anatomy Museum and Dr TMA Pai Planetarium, Manipal

Places To Visit: Manipal Anatomy Museum and Dr TMA Pai Planetarium, Manipal

You throw a stone in any direction in Manipal and there is a 90% chance that it will hit a student

Saying in Manipal

Thousands of students from different part of the world come to Manipal to study which gave Manipal the status of being called student town. This is not really a tourist place. However, the town befitting the needs of the students has tried to make even their attraction educative. When someone new comes to the town and would like to explore some interesting place in Manipal, Anatomy museum and planetarium comes into their list of places to visit. These places though are meant for tourist is in line with the academic nature of the town. A lot is said about the famed Manipal Anatomy Museum opened for public since 1954, which increased my curiosity about this place.

How to reach Manipal Anatomy Museum and Dr TMA Pai Planetarium?

Manipal Anatomy Museum is situated inside the Manipal University campus at Madhav Nagar and Dr. TMA Pai Planetarium is situated inside School of Life Sciences at Eshwar Nagar. Both the places are at a distance of not more than 10 minutes by vehicle. You can board a bus and visit Manipal Anatomy Museum, whereas it would advisable to take a rickshaw to TMA Pai Planetarium as it not very far from the Museum.

Things to do at Manipal Anatomy Museum and Dr TMA Pai Planetarium

Built under the expert guidance of Prof. Godbole of Kasturba Medical College. Manipal Anatomy Museum is now considered one of the largest in Asia, the museum boasts of over 3,000 specimens and samples of things anatomical, including the skulls of an elephant and a whale, and the long skeleton of a King Cobra. The tour starts with the anatomy of animals which is amazing, however, it is the human anatomy which leaves an impression in your mind. There are babies, born with defects are preserved there so that everyone can see. There are babies born with defects such as two heads, big head, limb disorders and so on. The place also gives information on different sections of our body basis the role they play such as heart, brain, and so on. There is also a Pathology Museum, which displays diseased body parts and organs, has a popular section on lifestyle-related diseases, and their impact on the human body. The place not only has all those specimens but the information in the form of text and images so everyone can appreciate the beauty of the place. The information is interesting for a normal visitor too. However, all these interesting specimens can’t be captured because photography is not allowed inside.

Dr TMA Pai Planetarium

TMA Pai Planetarium on the other hand is a simple place which you can choose to miss if you are not an astronomy buff. Even if you are there are better places. This place is basically a theatre where a movie about space is shown on dome. The show starts at 11:30 am in the morning and is in English. However, they will only show the movie if there are minimum 10 visitors. When I visited the planetarium, there was nobody except me so I bought 10 tickets to see the movie. The charge per ticket is Rs. 15 so I had to pay Rs. 150 for the show. In absolute terms the charge wasn’t much and I had the entire hall of 70 seat for myself. There are moments in the movie which make the dome experience feels like you are watching the space. Overall it is okay to spend some time if you don’t have anything else interesting to do.

When should you visit Manipal Anatomy Museum and Dr TMA Pai Planetarium?

It is ideal to visit both the places in the morning. The museum starts at 8 am and closes at 6 am and a small entry fee of Rs. 10 is collected to enter the premises. It is closed on public holidays. If you reach Anatomy museum by 9:30 am then you can also make the planetarium for it’s 11:30 am show and by 12:30 pm you are good to go. The planetarium has two shows in English one in the morning at 11:30 am and the second in the afternoon on request if you have a big group. They also have one show in Kannada at 10:30 am.

Final Verdict of Manipal Anatomy Museum and Dr TMA Pai Planetarium

Manipal Anatomy Museum is a good place to visit if you have the stomach to watch the internal organs of the body and the babies born in different forms. However, if you don’t have the stomach and yet dare to go then there is a human body preserved inside the museum which you can skip. Otherwise, it is an interesting showcase of the anatomy of the body of both humans and animals. It is a must visit for all science lovers. Dr. TMA Pai Planetarium is not a must visit place. However, it is not very far from the museum and doesn’t take a lot of money or time. If you are visiting the museum in the morning then planetarium can be added to the list.

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