Places To Eat: Bright Palace Restaurant, Shimoga

Places To Eat: Bright Palace Restaurant, Shimoga

When I was visiting Rosewood Palace a.k.a Shivappanaika Palace, I met some college going boys, studying in Shimoga. They showed great curiosity for my visit to Shimoga. I was happy to meet some friendly localities there. I started asking them some common questions about Shimoga and about the places which I should visit. I even wanted to know about an interesting place to have dinner tonight. They mentioned about Bright Palace being a good place if you like mutton. I decided to have my dinner at Bright Palace Restaurant, Shimoga, the place which is situated near Gopi Circle in Shimoga.

Who should go to Bright Palace Restaurant?

Hotel Bright Palace is a fine dine restaurant and is a good place for family outings. The ambiance and the place are very classy and suitable for families and more formal outings.

Service at Bright Palace Restaurant

The staff waits for you once you enter the restaurant. They will show you the table quickly. However, I reached the restaurant pretty early and there were ample tables available, so I had a lot of options to choose wherever I would like to sit. Once seated, the staff quickly came to my table to serve me water and give me the menu. On asking for their recommendation, he told me to go for Mutton pepper dry and mutton biryani. I found their recommendation and the service very good.

Food at Bright Palace Restaurant

As per the recommendation of the staff, I ordered mutton pepper dry and mutton biryani. Both the dishes didn’t disappoint me. Mutton pepper dry was one of the best mutton appetisers I had in a very long time. The mutton was spicy and so soft that I would hardly have to chew it. It would just melt after chewing in once or twice. The pepper along with other spices and the curry leaves gave it a superb flavour. Mutton Biryani was also very delicious. It did not have a lot of masala in it which is one downside of a lot of biryanis I usually try. The proportion of rice and the masala in the biryani was perfect and the soft mutton pieces complemented the biryani beautifully. The biryani was also accompanied with salad and some gravy to add more taste to it. Overall, the food was delicious and both the dishes were very good.

Final Verdict of Bright Palace Restaurant

Hotel Bright Palace is a perfect place for your family outing and for all mutton lovers. Their mutton pepper dry and mutton biryani are highly recommended. The quantity and quality of the dishes were good. However, the place is slightly on the expensive side but worth trying. The ambiance and the service were both very good. I would give the place 4 out of 5 and a thank to those students who suggested this place.

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