Places To Eat: Kediyoor Gazebo, Udupi

Places To Eat: Kediyoor Gazebo, Udupi

Kediyoor Gazebo located near Udupi bus stand is one of the oldest restaurants the city has. Locating it is a piece of cake, all you have to do is get down at the bus stand and see up, you will understand. If you won’t then you are looking in the wrong direction. If you look at the right direction you will see the name Kediyoor written very prominently. If you are visiting Udupi, then this place is something which is being recommended by all travelers. If you are traveling in our own vehicle then parking space is also available. With all those recommendations, I went there for my first meal in the city.

Who should visit Kediyoor Gazebo?

Kediyoor Gazebo is a fine-dine restaurant. Even though it is one of the oldest restaurants in Udupi, it has upgraded itself with time. The ambiance now is very classy and modern and not too packed nor was it noisy for a Wednesday afternoon lunch. The place serves very good sea food, sea food lovers will like this place. However, if you are a vegetarian, there is a vegetarian restaurant downstairs which will suit your taste buds and liking better. This place is very good who are visiting Udupi and want an experience more like those at Tier I cities. If you are with your friends or family, then it is a place for your lunch or dinner where you can even enjoy some nice time with them.

Service at Kediyoor Gazebo

Kediyoor Gazebo is used to serving tourist from other cities and the staff is very much up to this task. They would ask you about your preference and recommend a dish as per your liking. The service is very good; they are prompt, attentive and can speak Hindi which helps. During your meal they will come and check whether the food is as per your liking and whether you need anything else apart from this. These small things goes a long way in building a great customer experience especially if you are travelling.

Food at Kediyoor Gazebo

What I was recommended was a Sea Food Thali. The best thing about which was, it is highly customizable. They will ask you about the fish you want to have, the type of rice you want and anything you would like to try beyond what they serve in their normal thali. I opted for the normal white rice instead of the boiled rice which is primarily consumed in the south. There were Rawas fish curry and Bangda fish fry. The thali also consisted of Bringjal sukka, dry prawns’ chutney, curd, pickle, pappad and onions. The fish was hot and crispy from the outside with a rawa coating over it. Inside it was tender and juicy. I loved the fish fry there. Fish curry there had a spicy and sour taste which complemented each other very well. One plate of fish thali and you will not ask for anything else for lunch. If you like sea food, then definitely go for Sea Food Thali.

Sea Food Thali

Final Verdict of Kediyoor Gazebo

Kediyoor Gazebo is a perfect place if you come with your family and would like to have nice sea food meal peacefully. Their Sea Food Thali is recommended. Over the years the place has built a name and that results in a slightly expensive price tag on the food but nothing which you will regret eating once. The service is excellent and so is the ambiance. I will give this place 4 out of 5.

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