Places To Eat: Maharashtra Lunch Home, Nerul

Places To Eat: Maharashtra Lunch Home, Nerul

For all the sea food lovers like me, Maharashtra Lunch Home is a surprise package for you. Situated in Sec 3, Nerul just opposite SIES College is always packed with people at any point of day. Even on a weekday afternoon, it was almost full. We were fortunate enough to get seats twice. However, don’t get too worried about getting a seat. The service is quick so the tables turn around pretty quickly. Just come with an appetite to eat the amazing sea food it offers.

Who should go to Maharashtra Lunch Home?

Whether you are alone or a pack of friends and family, Maharashtra Lunch Home is ideal for everyone. The ambience is very comfortable with tables and benches made of wooden style. It is not only comfortable to sit but is not crowded too, it is very spacious. During summers, the air-conditioned restaurant will not make you worry about the heat and not puts a dent in your pocket.

Service at Maharashtra Lunch Home:

As expected, the service was very good. The staff was very helpful in keeping the table clean between orders. The waiter was recommending us the item to order based on what we have ordered and it turned out to be perfect. The service is quick and the staff are attentive. The only downside was when we were giving our feedback on the prawns served to us, the waiter was trying to defend what he served. Well, one should not ask feedback if one can’t it sportingly.

The Food at Maharashtra Lunch Home:

We were in for a seafood outing and started with Bombil Rawa Fry. I am a big fan of Bombil and tried it in many places, however, the Bombil I receive in most places are very thin. Here, they were thick and juicy – just the way I love it. The rawa coating just made it more appetizing. This is a must have whenever you visit this place.

Bombil Rawa Fry was followed by Neer Dosa and Prawns Ajadina. Prawns Ajadina is a Mangalorean dish with a lot of spice and comes in thick gravy. All Mangaloreans would love the spicy taste of this gravy. The Neer Dosa complements it very well as it does not over-power the taste of the gravy. Neer dosa was also cooked well. However, the prawns were a little tough and not juicy, we felt it to be a little undercooked.

Waiter than brought Squid Butter Pepper which we felt a little unusual because we asked for appetizers to come in first and then serve the main course. However, he made the right choice of sequencing the items in this order. The squid was cooked flawlessly and was melting in the mouth in few bites. It has a very mild taste and was amply served for both of us. The change in the taste from spicy to something mild worked very well.

We thought of just wanting to order one more dish and zeroed it on Basa Tikka. Basa Tikka was okay. The Basa should have been a little thicker as I was unable to experience the texture which I love in Basa. Also, the outer coating of Tikka masala should have been smoother which would have made it better. However, it was not bad just that others were very good.

Maharashtra Lunch Home

Final Verdict:

Maharastra Lunch Home is now decidedly a must-go place for all the seafood lovers. The ambiance is comfortable and spacious. The quantity and the quality of food are perfect. It brings in tremendous value for money at which the dishes were offered. The staff is very helpful and would help you order the right item so you can enjoy your visit to the fullest. The service is quick. Bombil Rawa Fry, Neer Dosa with Ajadina Gravy, Squid Butter Pepper are some must try items during your visit. I would give Maharashtra Lunch Home 5 out of 5.

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