Places To Eat: MD Shakes and Salads, Nerul

Places To Eat: MD Shakes and Salads, Nerul

Not long ago there was a time when having good sandwiches or shakes would mean a lot of hard work in finding a good restaurant or cafe. This has started changing now. A lot of places have opened up which serves good sandwich especially non-vegetarian ones. MD Shakes and Salads falls into that category. MD Shakes is situated in Sec 21, Nerul a little ahead of D Mart Supermarket which serve sandwiches, salads and shakes. We went there twice to try their sandwiches and shakes.

Who should visit MD Shakes and Salads?

It is a very small places with few long chairs on the lower level and a table or two at the upper level. The place is neat and comfortable. You get newspaper lying on a table which a welcome change in our otherwise digitally occupied age. The joint tries to project itself as a health-conscious place but I am not sure how many likes that projection. So, anyone and everyone health-conscious or not can visit this place. After visiting the place, I can also say that those who love savouring sandwiches would like the sandwiches too.

Service at MD Shakes and Salads:

During our first visit, the staff at MD Shakes and Salads seemed to be pre-occupied with something else, he did not initially take notice of us sitting there. We had to repeat our order twice before him noticing us as a serious customer. In the menu they mentioned that MD Sandwich is a must try for everyone but the waiter mentioned that you will only get after 1 pm as Madam comes after that. The service at MD Shakes was not up to the mark also because he was not very helpful when we were discussing with him what we wanted to order.

During our second visit, the staff was attentive towards us and explained to us about the different shakes they serve. However, we were not very happy with the recommendation as it was different from our expectation.

Food at MD Shakes and Salads:

During our first visit, the Classic chicken grilled sandwich is a three-layered sandwich filled with shredded chicken, mayonnaise and some veggies. The quantity and taste of the sandwich is wonderful. The bread used is superb as it is very soft and merges well with the filling inside. The chicken flavour stands out brilliantly. It is one of the better chicken sandwiches I have tasted in a long time.

We also ordered Chicken Club Sandwich which was tasting exactly the same as our chicken club sandwich. The only difference is that Classic chicken grilled sandwich had three layers of sandwich whereas
Chicken Club Sandwich had two layers and is grilled before serving. Though we checked with the waiter regarding the sandwiches before ordering, his comments were not really helpful, thus leading us to made a wrong choice of order. What is the point of ordering an almost similar tasting sandwich with lesser quantity after checking with the staff about our order? I would not recommend this sandwich as with a small price increase you can get a more filling sandwich which tastes great.

During our second visit, we ordered Mix berries pulpy shakes but the shake was so thin and not pulpy at all. Though the taste was good but it is not what they tell.

We also order MD special sandwich, initially he mentioned that madam is not there so you will have to wait. So, after some time we decided to wait. However, the madam was going to take a long time to reach, so she agreed to direct her staff over phone the direction to prepare it. We liked the sandwich very much. It had a good combination of chicken, egg and veggies combined together.

Final Verdict of MD Shakes and Salads:

MD Shakes and Salads is not really pocket friendly, however it does deliver great promise on the sandwiches it offers. The sandwiches are very good but are not value for money. The ambiance is comfortable but the service is not up to the mark. Chicken Club Sandwich and MD Special Sandwich is highly recommended for both the taste and the quantity. The shakes are also not that great. I would go with 2.5 out of 5.

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