Places To Eat: Meenakshi Bhavan, Shimoga

Places To Eat: Meenakshi Bhavan, Shimoga

If you are in Shimoga then no matter whether you like having vegetarian food or not you should go to Meenakshi Bhavan. This place serves vegetarian food since the 1930s and has become a household name in Shimoga, all for a reason. If you are new to the place, you just hop into a rickshaw and ask him to drop you at the restaurant. The place though simple is very spacious and neat. It is always full of people, so be prepared to wait. On the first day of my visit to Shimoga, I decided to have my lunch at Meenakshi Bhavan. The place even before entering gives you a very good vibe which makes you feel good. It might be the charm of this very old place. I reached the restaurant on a weekday at around 1:30 pm and the place was bustling with people. I waited there for not more than 10 mins, while a table got empty and I got a place to enjoy their amazing food.

Inside Sri Meenakshi Bhavan, Shimoga

Who should go to Meenakshi Bhavan?

It is a place for anyone and everyone. All those people who like south Indian cuisine even remotely will enjoy the food here. If you are young or old; alone, with friends or family. This place is for everyone.

Service at Meenakshi Bhavan

The service is no nonsense. The afternoons are super busy for the staff and sometimes you have to wait. However, the restaurant only serves Thalis in the afternoon, so the turnaround time for each table is very quick. I had to wait too but not for long. I too for lack of option ordered one. In less than 5 mins, the food was at my table ready to be consumed. The service is good at Meenkashi Bhavan.

The food at Meenakshi Bhavan

I ordered a Thali for me. The Thali consisted of 3 puris which you can eat with a gram potato preparation which was amazing. Their system is very neat, While, you have the puris they bring the rice and papad to go with the rice. They also have curries to go with rice. They have sambar, then tomato curry and dal. They also serve buttermilk and curd in a bowl and at the end you can enjoy their rice pudding (kheer). The entire Thali is more than sufficient for one person and would make him feel good after having it.

Final verdict of Meenakshi Bhavan

The restaurant is serving since the 1930s for a reason. The ambiance is ideal for people of all sorts. The restaurant has perfected the art of serving minimal food quickly and presents great value for money. Even if you are a diehard non-vegetarian, you should definitely visit this place when you are in Shimoga. In the evening they also serve masala dosas which are supposed to be very good, do try that, if possible. I would go with 4 out of 5.

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