Places To Eat: Panchatara Ice Cream Parlour, Shimoga

Places To Eat: Panchatara Ice Cream Parlour, Shimoga

For all those who are from Karnataka, Gadbad is no stranger to them. It was born in Diana Restaurant in Udupi but was adopted by so many other places. It received so much love from everyone that when I visited Diana Restaurant Udupi to try their famous gadbad, it felt like a stranger to me. Panchatara Ice Cream Parlour in Shimoga is situated a little below the surface but the gadbad ice cream it offers is beyond so many places. Situated near Gopi Circle, Panchatara Ice Cream Parlour offers more than just Gadbad ice cream.

Who should go to Panchatara Ice Cream Parlour?

It is a place for everyone. If you are alone and want to just sit and have ice cream, this place is for you. If you are with friends or with family, even then this place is kind enough to accommodate you. The place looks just that – kind. I felt good sitting there having my ice cream. The place is not modern nor funky. It is very simple and you will like this place once you enter it.

Service at Panchatara Ice Cream Parlour

The moment you enter, you are served water and given a menu. They would be waiting for you to call them for your order. Once the order is given, they would quickly bring your order and would be in hurry for you to finish it. The service is to the point and good.

Food at Panchatara Ice Cream Parlour

I visited this place twice. I liked it so much. Once, after my dinner at Bright Palace Restaurant which is not very far. The second time was when I was returning back from Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and I didn’t feel like having a dinner just something light I wanted to have. Shimoga is not really a cool place and the month of March would tempt you to visit an ice cream parlour. This was no different for me. I thought of having something cold that evening.

On my first visit, I had Gadbad ice cream. It was superb. It has a butterscotch ice cream on the top, followed by dry fruits then a layer of strawberry ice cream below that was jelly and then fruits mixed with ice cream. It was just the perfect dessert after a good meal. I liked it so much that I decided to pay this place another visit before leaving.

On my second visit, I had Gadbad ice cream and along with that, I had Grape juice. It was made from fresh fruits and did not have too much extra sugar in it. It was delicious, so I ordered another. Grape juice is definitely worth a try.

Final Verdict of Panchatara Ice Cream Parlour

The place is perfect. It has a simplicity which makes you feel very good. The Gadbad ice cream is one of the best I ever had and is a must try. The Grape juice was delicious and is highly recommended. The items are not very expensive and provide great value for money. The service is very good. There is nothing I would like to change about this place. I would give this place 5 out of 5.

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