Places To Eat: Purani Haveli, Seawoods

Places To Eat: Purani Haveli, Seawoods

Sector 46, Seawoods lane boasts a number of cafes but this one is different and catches your eye. When you see Purani Haveli, you realize that is neither ‘purani’ neither it is a ‘haveli’. It is a new joint opened which has horror as its theme. There are leaves there to show that it is so old that plants have started growing in it but they haven’t done a good job to build the perception. When you enter inside there is a picture of the ghost. It has dark wallpapers and everything. However, there is a reason why Purani Havelis are generally associated with horror. They are big and mysterious and spooky. Most of the times you can’t have without the other. This restaurant is small and no mystery to it. The theme eventually turns out to be a flop, however walking outside it does catch your attention. Just that it does not live up to it when you move inside. Inside it is a small place with just a couple of tables and nothing special.

Who should go to Purani Haveli?

It is a small place with just a couple of tables around. Small group of friends can visit this place. The ambiance is not made for family visits.

Service at Purani Haveli

The staff at Purani Haveli are good. They give proper attention to you and are always available. This is also because it can only accommodate few people and that helps in giving those present proper attention. They help you choose what you want to eat and recommend something based on your mood. The time taken to bring the food was a more than average.

The food at Purani Haveli

We order Chicken Ceaser Salad, Chicken Strip and Chicken Cheese stuff burger along with Lemon mint. Initially when we ordered Chicken Ceaser Salad, they brought us Veg Ceaser Salad and on pointing out they corrected it by adding Chicken to it. The salad was good but the quantity was less. Adding more cheese to it would have made the salad even better.

Chicken Strips have 8 pieces in it and on good length. It was cooked properly and tasted well. Chicken Cheese stuff burger is their highlight in burgers. However, I failed to see why it was their highlight. The chicken piece was not good. It was chewy and not soft but like a bubble gum. There was also no cheese being stuffed into it.

Lemon mint is made of 7up or Sprite with a slice of lemon and some mint leaves. They add little water and lots of ice to it. However, adding little water initially does not work in the favor of the beverage. It makes it very sour. After sometime when the ice turns to water the taste mellows down a little bit. However, it was still sour for me till the end and I had to leave my table without finishing it.

Purani Haveli, Seawoods

Final Verdict of Purani Haveli:

The place is a simple joint with a couple of tables, nothing fancy though they tried to make it different. The theme does not work well for them. The food is not great. I would only recommend Chicken strips, but coming here to only have chicken strips would be sad. The only thing which works in the favour of Purani Haveli is that if all the restaurants there, this one is pocket friendly. I would go with 1.5 for the price and ambiance.

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