Places To Eat: Thimappa Fish Meals, Udupi

Places To Eat: Thimappa Fish Meals, Udupi

The close proximity to the fish port in Malpe makes Udupi, the heaven for seafood lovers. The variety and freshness, it delivers is unmatched. Thimappa Fish Meals is a small restaurant which is visited by people of all types. They do not have a huge line-up of dishes on their menu. However, what they have is quality. The owner mentioned that every day they would purchase fish only to serve that day. By the end of the day, you might not find the complete menu because some fishes will be sold out. This helps them provide fresh seafood – a very important criterion for good seafood. They also have an open kitchen policy which showcases their entire cooking process in their kitchen. The place is kept very clean and hygienic.

Who should visit Thimappa Fish Meals?

Thimappa Fish Meals is a small restaurant which will remind you of those old days when restaurants were simple and practical. People would come only to eat when they are hungry. Things have changed now with eating becoming an experience. However, Thimappa Fish meals still have that old rustic charm. The restaurant has two sitting options. When you enter, you will find tables and benches for you to sit. This is less private and everyone just sits where they find a place, where a glass of water and a banana leaf is present. There is also a room inside for families and friends which is a little private than this. There too you will find similar benches and tables. So, if you come with your family you can choose to directly sit inside and if you are coming alone or with a friend or two then outside would work just fine. However, this place is ideal for friends, family or if you are just coming alone.

Service at Thimappa Fish Meals

The service at Thimappa Fish Meals is very simple and good. There is hardly any scope for improvement. A basic meal is served along with a fish fry. The food is served with no delay. Attention is provided if you needed anything and if anything gets over, they would quickly bring more.

Food at Thimappa Fish Meals

A Basic meal on banana leaf is served along with fish fry of your choice. On the table, there will already be a banana leaf and water for you. Once you wash the leaf kept in front of you, someone will immediately come and serve you boiled rice. Post which you will be served pickle, vegetable curry, and fish curry. This is the same for everyone who comes. Once you are served with these items, someone will come and ask you which fish fry would you like to eat. I order Surmai (Kingfish) Fry. The fish was fresh, the margination was perfect and it was fried correctly. It was a tawa fry and the fish meat was soft in the inside with a crispy outer-covering. I loved it so much that I ordered a Pomfret Rawa fry too. The rawa fry though good, is nothing compared to their tawa fry. However, Pomfret was fresh and big and was delicious.

Thimappa Fish meals were so good that another visit was mandatory. I went there again in the evening. I met the waiter and told him that I would only like to have the fish fry here. I started with their Surmai (Kingfish) fry, then ordered ladyfish (Kane), Mackerel (Bangda), Kollai, Bisku. All of them were fresh, delicious, perfectly fried and marinated well. If you are visiting this place, I would recommend you to only have the fish fry there and ask the waiter to not serve rice before sitting because not all servers know Hindi and you might not have enough space in your stomach to enjoy all those different varieties of fish fry the place has in offer. When I went in the evening, I had so many different fish fries. However, the total bill only came to Rs. 350. This place is a great value for your money.

Final Verdict of Thimappa Fish Meals

Thimappa Fish Meals is a simple restaurant with good service which everyone in Malpe, Udupi or Manipal should visit. The fish fry is delicious and very affordable. It delivers not only on the quality but also on value. I would strongly recommend trying all the different fish fry without missing their Surmai (kingfish), Pomfret, Ladyfish (Kane). In order to eat all these fish fries, you should first inform the staff there that you would like to not have rice but only fish fried and they would gladly serve you as per your desire. I would give Thimappa Fish Meals 5 out of 5.

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