Places To Stay: Mougli’s Paradise, Turia, Madhya Pradesh

Places To Stay: Mougli’s Paradise, Turia, Madhya Pradesh

Sherkhan does not visit this place occasionally because Mougli stays here. The name is probably given because it is very close to Pench National Park which was the inspiration behind the innocent but brave Mougli’s home in The Jungle Book.

Mougli’s Paradise is situated very close to the Turia gate of Pench National Park. The name of the owner is Pravin Chaoji who is very courteous and helpful. After my initial search of looking for a hotel near Pench National Park, I came across Mougli’s Paradise. The reviews of the place were decent and the value proposition seemed ideal, so I went ahead and booked the room. Since it was December and it being very cold in Pench, I booked a non-AC room for myself which I am glad of, as the nights were very cold there. Mr. Pravin mentions that if you are coming to spot tigers in Pench National Park, there is a chance that you might see it in our resort itself. Every year once or twice Tigers visit Mougli’s Paradise during their roundup. Sometimes they stay there for hours. So who knows it might just be your day and see the Tiger in the resort itself.

How are the rooms at Mougli’s Paradise?

The rooms are very comfortable, spacious and clean. Overall there are 40 cottages of different sizes. I was given a small cottage for two. It had a small sitting area in the front. Inside, was a room and washroom which was very clean and tidy and so were the linens. There is no 24 hours hot water running in the tap. However, if you want to take a hot water bath, the staff makes the necessary arrangements. In the morning though, hot water comes directly from the tap.

Food at Mougli’s Paradise

The food you will get is slightly expensive as is of any resort, nothing you might not have expected. The quantity, however, makes up for the price, so it acts as a balance. Though the menu is pretty exhaustive, one tip would be to ask the staff about the specialty there. I was recommended the simple dal fry and rice for lunch which turned out to be surprisingly good. In the evening they recommended Chicken Saouji – a specialty of their neighbor city – Nagpur. Again, I was not left disappointed but just with too much food for my stomach. I enjoyed nonetheless.

Service at Mougli’s Paradise

Service was superb! Mr. Pravin and his manager made arrangements for my transport, as point-to-point travel is not possible in Pench without any hired vehicles at your disposal. I was picked from the highway to the resort and was dropped on my wayback. Also, during both the safaris I was dropped at the gate and picked from the gate once my safari was over. I was traveling alone and came without bookings for the jungle safari, the staff made efforts to arrange for my Safari by adjusting with other visitors. If you are coming in a group, the staff also makes arrangements for your safari such that Gypsy will come right at your door. They really care about your comfort be it morning 5 or night 11.

How to reach Mougli’s Paradise?

Mougli’s Paradise is situated very close to the Pench National Park’s Turia gate which is around 7-8 km travel from the highway. You need to reach Khawasa by road, where you will find vehicles which you can either share or hire for yourself. Shared vehicles will drop you at the Turia village junction which is very close to the resort and they will charge around Rs. 25 per seat whereas hired vehicles for 5-6 people will charge Rs. 200 but will drop you inside the resort.

The closest city with a major railway station and airport is Nagpur from where you can easily get buses to reach Khawasa. It takes around 2.5 hours to reach Khawasa via bus from Nagpur.

Location of Mougli’s Paradise

Location is ideal if you want to visit Turia and Khursapur gate of Pench National Park. Turia gate would be around 2 km from the resort and Khursapur is around 8 km so you can enjoy both without the worry of too much travel. On your way to or back from the Khursapur gate, you can also enjoy the Kohka lake view and see how the migratory birds take their flight and sit there with their flock. It is worth having this small stopover on your way back to the resort.

Final Verdict of Mougli’s Paradise

Given the price point at which it offers its rooms, the service they provide and the room they offer. I would say Mowgli’s Paradise is a place you should definitely shortlist when you are planning to visit Pench National Park.

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