Places To Visit: Anjali Water Park, Bramhavar

Places To Visit: Anjali Water Park, Bramhavar

The excitement of going to a water park is very different when summer comes. It’s 2x or 3x more than during other time of the year. It is a relief from the heat which you so desperately want to avoid and go out of your house. Especially when you stay in the hot and humid parts of South India. Anjali water park is one of those water parks located in the Thadal with a beautiful background full of greenery. If that itself is not a respite than the cool water just makes everything better. The park gives relief for those who stay in Bramhavar and places around it. We also went there with a lot of excitement during the month of April when the heat was catching up fast. The park left us surprised and a lot of good memories.

How to reach Anjali water park?

Located on the Hebri – Bramhavar road, Anjali water park is in the middle of nowhere. If you would like to visit this water park you should come with your own private vehicle. Otherwise, it would become very tricky to reach this and come back home. There is nothing miles from the water park. Even GPS would bring you to a place which will keep you guessing whether you are going right because of how isolated this place is. Have no fear though, the roads are good and the travel is safe. There is enough parking for the vehicles too and it is free.

Things to do at Anjali water park

Once you come out of the parking area, you realize that the hype was good for nothing. It is so small that you can see the entire water park from behind the gate. Almost the entire water park, a small portion is behind the front portion of the water park.

There is a locker where you can keep your items and change and take a shower. The water park starts with a small swimming pool which is not very deep and is good to just sit and relax. There is a huge bucket in that swimming pool which throws water at you every two minutes. Next to it is a bigger swimming pool where you can swim and play some games. It also serves as the destination for your rides. There are three rides: One is a curve slide, the second is the straight slide and the third is the tube. It does not look scary and is enjoyable. The speed at which you come down from the straight slide stops your heart but for not more than half a second. It is not that long and not that fast. However, if you use one of the sliding sheets they provide, it increases your speed drastically. It is something worth trying there. Behind this part of the park, there is a rain dance zone and wave pool. The wave pool is a little more than 5 ft deep and as you come closer to the end of the pool it becomes more exciting. It is advisable to use a tube here if you don’t know swimming. At the start of the pool, it has a beach like slope where you can lie down in little water and have a good time.

There is also enough place for those who come with you but are not interested to take part in any of the water sport to relax under a shade. There is a restaurant which serves both veg and non-veg food. The quality and quantity of the serving are good.

When to visit Anjali water park

The best time to visit would be during summers. The entry fee is Rs. 300 and is priced based on what they offer. It would be good to come in the morning at 10 am and stay till 5 pm when the water park closes.

Final verdict of Anjali water park

Anjali water park is a very small and simple water park. During summers it is an ideal place for a day’s trip with your family. It is not very crowded which makes it ideal to go with your friends and family. If you are a small group then you will not enjoy the water park because the number of activities is not much there. However, if you are a large group of people then you will enjoy nonetheless. Don’t go to Anjali water park with big expectation. Go there to get a respite from the heat and a good time with your friends and family.

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