Places to Visit: Kaup Lighthouse, Kaup Beach, Kaup

Places to Visit: Kaup Lighthouse, Kaup Beach, Kaup

There aren’t many beaches in India as beautiful and pristine as Kaup Beach. It is not only beautiful and serene but is also very secluded. You will not find many visitors there which helps in maintaining its natural beauty. Kaup beach though very beautiful with full of coconut trees spread as far as your visions go looks marvelous but the beach is famous for its lighthouse. Kaup lighthouse which shines brightly every night is a perfect place to spend your evening watching how beautifully the sunsets and how the entire landscape looks like.

How to reach Kaup beach?

Kaup beach lies between the Udupi and Mangalore highway, it would take around half an hour from Udupi if you have your own vehicle. If you are going by bus then you would have to get down at the highway and take a rickshaw from there.

Things to do at Kaup beach

Kaup beach is ideal to go with friends because it feels like the entire beach is yours, the dream of having your own private beach comes almost true. You can do all the fun without too much interference. It is also good for those who are traveling with their families or are on a solo trip. You will love the peace and serenity the place offers. You can just relax for a couple of hours near the beach or near the lighthouse until the lighthouse opens.

Kaup lighthouse is the star attraction of this place which was built in 1901 to guide sailors about the presence of huge dangerous rocks near the shore. The Kaups were a tribe responsible to look after the bulbs in the lighthouse. They used to stand outside the gate of the lighthouse be it winter, summer or rains. Maharani Roshni was the Queen of the tribe. They used to dance on jingalala song every day in the evening under the lighthouse.

The lighthouse today is open for the visitor, however, is not really a place to go if you are afraid of height because the lighthouse stands 84 feet tall. When you reach the top there is a thin railing which protects you from falling but it is a little scary at that height. If you don’t mind the height then the place will show you the entire Kaup from both sides. However, the stairs become really steep when you reach the top, so those who have difficulty climbing should avoid going to the top. From the top the world is divided into two, there is just the vast expanse of water on one side and an ocean of coconut trees on the other side. The sight is breath-taking. The lighthouse opens at 5 pm, just at a time when you can enjoy the sun coming down. The entry fee to the lighthouse is Rs. 10 per person and Rs. 20 for the camera. There isn’t much to do once you reach the top. All you can do is let your busy mind at rest, enjoy the breeze and witness how beautifully the sun sets in the sea. Once the sunsets the lighthouse is closed for visitors and the light is powered on. The light emits so much heat that it is not possible for anyone to stay there for long. However, once the lighthouse is closed down and the light is switched on, you should wait to see how amazingly cool it looks to see the light beaming into the sea.

Near Kaup beach, there is also provision for scuba diving. It is a half day activity where first training is provided and then you will be taken to the diving spot. However, the activity is very as expensive. You will have to shell out Rs. 3000 per person.

When should you visit Kaup beach?

The best time to visit Kaup beach is between October to January when the weather is cool and less humid. Apart from that it would be great if you visit this beach during the second half of the day so you can enjoy the beach first and then later once the lighthouse opens you can visit and stay till the sunsets.

Final verdict of Kaup beach

Kaup beach is a pure delight and one of the most beautiful beaches in India. It is for those who would like those pristine but a little secluded beach. You will not find a lot of stalls there, it is a simple place where the sunset, white sand, and beautifully adorned coconut trees at the back mesmerizes you. Kaup lighthouse is a must visit when you are planning to visit the beach. It starts at 5 pm and closes down once the sunsets. Plan your trip accordingly. Scuba diving can also be done but it comes at a price. I would prefer to scuba dive at some other place.

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