Places To Visit: Malpe Beach, Malpe

Places To Visit: Malpe Beach, Malpe

Malpe is a beautiful beach town next to Udupi city. It is the paradise for all fish lovers. There are a huge fish market and a fish port there. However, the place is known for its famous Malpe Beach. On the backdrop of the coconut trees, Malpe Beach stands beautifully to be one of the better beaches in India. If you are in Udupi or Manipal then it is a perfect destination to spend your evening or mornings with your family or friends. The white sanded beach is well maintained and is not secluded nor is it very crowded. There is a place for everyone there, you only have to figure out what you want. You can explore your adventurous side or just chill and relax at the beach enjoying the breeze, food and the sunset.

How to reach Malpe Beach?

Malpe beach is just 5-10 km from Udupi and it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to reach there. There are many buses from Udupi and Manipal. You can also hire a rickshaw. If you have your own vehicle there is ample parking space for you to park your vehicle.

Things to do at Malpe Beach

Malpe beach is not like the secluded beaches of Karnataka, it is trying to model itself on the likes of Goa beaches. However, the extent of commercialization is not arduous. Water sports such as Banana ride, Ringo ride, Jetski bike, speed boating is available along with Camel and pony rides on the beach. Malpe beach has kite flying activities which you can enjoy. If you ever wanted to fly a kite in your childhood then you can fulfill that desire at the Malpe beach. The strong breeze helps to fly the kite with little efforts. There is a sea walk very close to the beach which you can enjoy in the evening when the sun is not very hot. There is also the beautiful St. Mary’s Island. Every day there is a ferry which takes you to St. Mary’s Island which costs you Rs. 300 to Rs. 400 for a return ticket. It’s so beautiful you would want to stay there.

Malpe beach is also known for their food. The beach has a fish market and a port close to it. The proximity of these places makes it very ideal to enjoy some mouth-watering fishes at a very affordable price. You will get these fishes at the fish stall adjacent to the beach. Every evening stalls would be kept read with fish masala applied to it and kept on display for you to select and eat. The fishes are very delicious and fresh and would cost you anything between Rs. 40 to Rs. 400 depending on how big and which fish you want. Once you select which fish you want, then they will deep fry it and give it to you. It a must try item when you go to Malpe beach.

When should you visit Malpe Beach?

Winter is a good time to visit Malpe beach because summers tend to be hot in Karnataka and Malpe is not different. However, if you like monsoon then you should not think back on visiting the place at that time too. If you are visiting St. Mary’s Island too, then a morning visit is more ideal whereas evenings are cooler for enjoying the beach, watching the sunset and eating those delicious fish fry available at the stall. Weekends tend to get more crowded, if possible, visit during weekdays.

Final Verdict of Malpe Beach

Malpe Beach is beautiful, clean and not very crowded. It has the perfect combination of commercialization and seclusion. You can enjoy the various water sports along with the camel and pony ride if you like adventure. For food lovers, along with other items the place is a must try for roadside fish fry stall. Everyday ferries go from Malpe beach to St. Mary’s Island which should definitely be on your list. All these things make Malpe beach a place which you should definitely not miss when you are nearby.

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