Places To Visit: Sakrebyle Elephant Camp, Shimoga

Places To Visit: Sakrebyle Elephant Camp, Shimoga

Sakrebyle Elephant Camp also known as Sakrebailu Elephant Camp is a very popular tourist spot around Shimoga city situated near Tunga river. It is a forest camp where elephants are kept in captive and they are trained. When elephants become uncontrollable, they are brought here to be trained. Every morning those elephants are brought near the river bank for their daily bath. You can visit this spot and see all those elephants enjoying their daily bath.

How to reach Sakrebyle Elephant Camp?

Sakrebyle Elephant Camp is just 15 km from Shimoga city bus stand on the Shimoga- Thirthahalli road and can be easily reached there using public transport. It takes less than 30 mins to reach Sakrebyle Elephant Camp. You can even go there by your car or bike; the entire journey is very pleasant and very beautiful with coconut and acacia trees on both side of the roads.

Things to do at Sakrebyle Elephant Camp

Sakrebyle Elephant Camp maintained by the forest department is known for its elephants. You can visit this place and enjoy the sight of huge elephants taking their bath early in the morning. Elephants of all sizes are trained, so you can see a baby elephant and a full-grown elephant with his huge tusks. It is also possible for you to give a bath to the elephants, however, for that you will have to pay an extra Rs. 100 per person. One by one elephant is brought to the bank of the river so they can be given a bath. Once they have taken their bath, they are again taken back to the training camp. Lots of elephants are brought here to be trained who are out of control and cause mishaps. When the elephants come, you can request their mahouts for a picture with the elephant. Photography is allowed; however, flash should be avoided as it might agitate the animals. Picture with baby elephants look lovely. It is a great delight to see those elephants enjoying themselves in water and having a nice bath.

The entry fee for this place is Rs.50 per person and there is ample parking space is you are coming by your own vehicle. If you are visiting during monsoon and winters, there is also Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary just a little ahead if you are a bird lover. Visit Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary before coming to Sakrebyle Elephant Camp as birds will be present mostly during mornings. However, the proximity of water and lots of trees makes even Sakrebyle Elephant Camp a place where birds come. So, you can sight some beautiful birds during your visit here too.

When should you visit Sakrebyle Elephant Camp?

Sakrebyle Elephant Camp is open throughout the year and the ideal time to visit would be anytime but summers when it gets very hot. It opens at 7:30 am and closes down by 11 am. Two hours is a good amount of time to spend at Sakrebyle Elephant Camp. You can visit during monsoons and winters to combine you visit with Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary.

Final verdict of Sakrebyle Elephant Camp

Sakrebyle Elephant Camp is a good place for families. Children love watching Elephants from so close. Even adults also get a chance to watch those huge mammals from very close. If you are travelling with kids, Sakrebyle Elephant Camp is a must place to visit. Even for adults, this place should be given serious consideration when you are visiting Shimoga. However, timing is very important. If you want to have fun at Sakrebyle Elephant Camp, you have to come early around 8 am when elephants are brought for their daily bath.

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