Places To Visit: Seawoods Lake, Seawoods, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Places To Visit: Seawoods Lake, Seawoods, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Every year end, swarm of migratory birds such as Pelicans, Flamingos, herons, storks and many more come at Seawoods Lake and make this their home till the summer ends. If you are staying in Nerul or Seawoods, there is a chance that this beautiful place which exits just south of NRI Complex, Seawoods, Navi Mumbai, you might not be aware of.

Seawoods lake is a shallow salt-water lake which receives water from the Vashi creek is also a perfect place for a morning or an evening walk. The pathways for your walk are surrounded by lake on one side and mangrove forest on the other side. With the cool breeze flowing during your walk, it doesn’t feel like you are just few meters away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It just teleports you to a place which gives you peace and tranquillity.

Seawood lake is not just home to these migratory birds but is also a breeding place for fishes. Some local fisherman breed fishes here for their daily bread. If you can visit the lake after the end of monsoon then you find lots of fishes in the lake. Try bringing some bread so you can feed it to fishes and see how they all quickly come together to eat it.

In the evening as the sun goes down you will be able to see the beautiful sunset and the birds returning back to their nest. It gives you a sight which one must experience.

Sunset, Seawoods Lake

This lake serves multiple hats with being a breeding place for fishes to a sunset point and walking zone. The biggest hat Seawoods Lake wears is being the seasonal home to the hundreds and thousands of migratory birds which arrives during the end of the year.

It is treat to those local bird watchers which would otherwise not get such an opportunity to spot some rare and beautiful species of flamingos, storks, etc. If one comes in the evening, you will be able to watch many bird watchers with their DSLR cameras waiting just to catch a glimpse of the birds taking flight. The birds with their huge wingspan becomes the cameraman’s delight who patiently wait for them to take their flight. For a layman it is sight which will mesmerize him because it is not usual for someone to walk with hundred of such birds in his plain sight. It fills you with awe.

All these reasons make this place a true gem of Navi Mumbai which not people have found but those who know, come quite regularly for the beauty of this place has captivated them so much. Visit this place a little before sunset and you will get to experience everything the place has to offer and will leave you wanting for more.

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