Places To Visit: Veer Baji Prabhu Udyan, Dadar

Places To Visit: Veer Baji Prabhu Udyan, Dadar

If you want to be close to nature in Mumbai and sit down to watch the sunset overlooking the Bandra-Worli Sealink, then Veer Baji Prabhu Udyan is your spot. Located just on the other side of the famous Shivaji Park, Veer Baji Prabhu Udyan also hosts the Shivaji Park point. It is also called as Narali Baug by locals because of the many coconut trees in the park. The moment you are walking towards the gate, you will see a huge entrance. Don’t be fooled into the grand structure, it is just a façade to make you think you are entering something huge but it’s just like everything in Mumbai. Compact! However, it has everything you would expect from a park anywhere. The park is beautiful and worth a visit for those who stay here. Every day you will see young ones after college and parents with their children and also the senior citizens come here to watch the sunset and let the kids play.

How to reach Veer Baji Prabhu Udyan, Dadar?

Located at Dadar just opposite Shivaji Park, Veer Baji Prabhu Udyan is easily accessible. You have a lot of options to reach the park. The easiest would be to get down at Dadar or Vadala Road railway station and take the cab. You will have to tell cab driver to take you to Shivaji Park and then just direct them using your Google Maps. If you can’t understand the route via Google Maps, you can even get down at Shivaji Park and walk for a couple of minutes by asking anyone where the park is.

You can even take the bus from Vadala Road railway station if you would like to. If you enjoy a good walk then it is not very far from Dadar station. To sum up, you can take the train, bus, cab to reach the park. You can even consider your two-wheeler and you will find enough parking space for them. However, it is recommended to not come by four-wheeler because Mumbai just doesn’t have any space left to park them now.

Things to do at Veer Baji Prabhu Udyan, Dadar

Veer Baji Prabhu Udyan is a park in Dadar, Mumbai and serves its purpose aptly. My favorite activity here is to just sit and see the lovely sun setting behind the Bandra-Worli sea link, painting the sky beautifully as it goes down. The beauty of sunset will put you in awe.

There is also a beach just beyond the garden which you would like. During high tide it looks very beautiful from the park. There are horse rides for those who don’t want to go to Mahabaleshwar to give it a try. There are a lot of eateries besides the beach area if you would like to snack up something while you are there.

A lot of people come here to click pictures on the beach, while the sunsets and just around the lush green and beautiful garden. College students come here to hang out with their friends after their class.

An amphitheatre is also there which is used for events. However, when there are no events, students sit there with their friends and use the stage to practice their dancing and singing.

There is an open gym also for those who like some light exercise. Children have a play area where parents can take them to enjoy. Senior citizens have dedicated benches to sit and walk around peacefully.

When in the park, you will see a lot of squirrels run around without worrying about the people and it is quite a sight to see them from so close. The regulars have even learned the knack of feeding them and they come running towards them when they gave something to eat. They are a treat to watch sitting on the benches.

When to visit Veer Baji Prabhu Udyan

It is open throughout the year, so any time of the year is a good time to visit. However, it is the evening time which will give you the spectacular sunset from the park and is a must-visit for that.

Final verdict of Veer Baji Prabhu Udyan

Veer Baji Prabhu Udyan is one of the places where Mumbaikars can go to find some respite from the crowded and noisy city. The beautiful park with lots of trees, squirrels, greenery, sea, and the beautiful sunset helps you get closer to nature, something which is not easy to do in Mumbai. If you are around the park, it is a good place to visit with your friends. Children and even senior citizens would like the fun and peace of this place. The place though simple should be visited with the expectation of beating the Mumbai crowd and watching a beautiful sunset beside the sea taking you a little closer to nature.

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