Places To Visit: Rosewood Palace a.k.a Shivappanaika Palace, Shimoga

Places To Visit: Rosewood Palace a.k.a Shivappanaika Palace, Shimoga

After having lunch, I wanted to explore the city a little. I was supposed to visit the Lion Tiger Safari that afternoon after, however, I reached Shimoga on Tuesday and on Tuesday the Lion Tiger Safari is closed. It was a relief that I came to know about it when I reached the bus station which wasn’t very far from the hotel. I reached back to the hotel where the staff told me that you can visit Rosewood Palace which is not very far from the city and you can see the city a little too. The plan sounded nice to me. It was still afternoon so I decided to venture out when the sun would not be so angry at around 4 pm.

A little about Rosewood Palace

Rosewood Palace was built by Hiriya Venkatappa Nayak of the Keladi Dynasty during 16th century. He became independent on the decline of Vijayanagar Empire. He defeated the Palegars in a battle and built a fort and a palace here to commemorate the victory. But that palace was destroyed by Adilshah of Bijapur Sultanate after a bitter battle. Later Shivappanaika rebuilt the palace, in the Indo-Sarcenic architectural style. In subsequent years to come it went into the hands of British, who converted and used it as saw mill to store logs. Several years thereafter it was restored to its present condition as we see today. This place is now maintained by Archeological Survey of India.

How to reach Rosewood Palace?

Located on the Kote road, reaching Rosewood Palace is pretty easy. Not all local will relate to the name Rosewood palace, so you can again check with them saying Shivappanaika palace and they can help you out with locating the place. It’s around 2 km from the bus station so you can drop yourself to any of the bus stop closest to the palace or take a rickshaw to the palace. If you feel up to it, you can even think of walking to the place.

Things to do at Rosewood Palace

It is a beautiful palace built by King Shivappa when he was ruling Shimoga. This was one of his many palaces situated next to the Tunga river. This Mangalore-tile roofed palace has delicately designed interiors carved in rosewood and teak supported by wooden pillars, with an open courtyard, two narrow staircases to reach a hall enclosed by rooms and balcony. The Durbar Hall is strengthened by wooden pillars to provide an elevation of about 20’ from the ground level. The semi circled arches and pillars are decorated with beautiful flower-patterned carvings. The entire woodwork makes the palace looks very elegant. It is surrounded by trees and the garden is well tended. If you have an idle evening and nothing special to do, you should visit this palace. It is very peaceful with trees and gardens and the river flowing next to it. There is also a museum inside which showcases some of the artifacts of the palace. It has some very good stone statues and other articles which you can see. Some artifacts are from Mohenjo-Daro too which you might like to see. If you are in the courtyard you can take pictures of the palace, however, once inside they do not allow pictures.

Rosewood Palace

Best time to visit Rosewood Palace

This place should be visited in the evening, giving you a cool and a relaxed experience. Any month of the year should not be a barrier to visit the place. There is no entry fee to visit the palace, however, the closing time for visitor is 5:30 pm. So, you can accordingly plan your visit.

Final Verdict of Rosewood Palace:

Rosewood Palace a.k.a Shivappanaika Palace is a beautiful but a small palace which you should only add to you list of places to visit if you have nothing on your itinerary. You can choose to skip this is place, however, it is lovely to be here if you have nothing to do. However, if you are a history buff, you should definitely add this to your itinerary.

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