Things To Do: Bounce – Bike Rental Service, Manipal

Things To Do: Bounce – Bike Rental Service, Manipal

After reaching Udupi and having my lunch and settling down a bit, it was time for me to see around. To see around I hired a scooter. The best way to travel in the city would be to ride a bike or drive a car yourself. Manipal which is around 15 minutes away from Udupi presents many bike and car sharing services. They are affordable and very convenient. Unlike buses, you would not have to wait for them to come, eventually getting down at the designated bus stop and take a rickshaw or walk till the destination. Rickshaws will not give you the liberty to stop wherever you want, it is just not convenient to hire a rickshaw every time you stop somewhere. Cabs in Udupi are an expensive affair. If you are traveling alone or with someone then go for a bike, it is very cheap. If you are traveling in a group, then you can go for a car. I rented a scooter from the bike sharing service – Bounce

Where to find Bounce?

Bounce is inside Crumbz, the cake and bakery shop situated at the end point road in Manipal. If you are staying in Udupi reaching this place is very easy. You can take a bus till end point bus stop which is around 20 minutes from the bus stand and walk for 5 minutes to reach Crumbz. When you are at end point road you can also see that there are many other alternatives too such as wicked ride or Drivezy. Drivezy had good options for bikes at the same price.

How to book a ride at Bounce?

You would need to download the app before booking the ride. Once the app is downloaded, you need to search for available bikes, where you will be provided with the options and then you can select the timings and book your bike. It will also show you the rentals you will have to pay. The rentals are different for different vehicles, the hourly rate starts at as low as Rs. 7. I hired a Lets which was around Rs. 10 per hour. I was able to make the payment by syncing my paytm account with the app. Once you have booked you will start wondering what to do as you will get no other information. I went inside Crumbz to check about Bounce where the staff told me where they sit. Nobody was present there, however a number was there which I dialled and within 15 minutes, the staff from Bounce joined me and moved ahead with the formalities.

You will have to fill a form, hand them one of your id proofs until you bring back the bike and show your drivers license. Once the formalities are done, they will give you the keys and a helmet. Make sure your helmet is comfortable. Also, take the pictures of the bike’s present condition so later they might not pin down you for any scratches or anything. They will also provide you with petrol worth Rs. 50 which was easily take you till the nearest petrol station.

You are all set to travel the way you want. Just follow the traffic rules and have fun.

If you want to postpone the drop time then do so couple of hours in advance so nobody else books the same bike and cause inconvenience to the staff and other user. The staff at Bounce would try to take advantage of you and see this as a way of earning some extra income for them if you are late. I was late by a couple of hours and the staff very rudely told me that if you are not here within 15 minutes you will have to pay for the next customer too. He wasn’t even willing to hear that I will be there within the time frame. I reached well before the next customer booked the bike. On reaching he started asking me for penalty and only when I asked him to show on what basis is he asking the required sum that he agreed to take the payment only for the hours I have delayed. Just take of postponing your time if you get late, this will not cause inconvenience to you, Bounce or the user who has booked the bike. If you get late and they ask you for any sum just ask them to show the terms and conditions for late payment.

Final Verdict of Bounce

Bounce worked very well for my two-day trip to Udupi. The vehicle was in good condition and the rentals very low. However, the service provided by the staff could have been better. I would advise you to also check Drivezy which is also present nearby.

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