Things To Do: Yulu Bike Sharing Service, Navi Mumbai

Things To Do: Yulu Bike Sharing Service, Navi Mumbai

Nowadays, owning a bike or a car is not a luxury but being the owner of a bicycle might count as a luxury which not many can afford. Simply because not many would purchase something they won’t use. In the bustling city of Mumbai, people don’t like to take things slow, else they will be left behind. Everyone wants to be the first in the race which nobody ranks, they are just running, wanting to move ahead. All this led to a point where the little things in life stopped giving us joy. Yulu, however, has decided to add some joy to those who want some respite in their busy lives. 

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation in association with Yulu Bikes have started a bike sharing service for those individuals who would like to travel within the city from point A to point B. There are Yulu Zones i.e bike stations where the bicycles are available scattered across different locations in Nerul and Seawoods. One needs to just walk up to any of the Yulu Zones, open their app and then use it to ride their cycle. Locations of all the Yulu Zones are available on the app and if you would like to make a specific request for a Yulu Zones, you can do so by raising a request using the app. It can be for a station where you live or some place where you would like to travel often and want to use the app.

Everyone by downloading this simple app can use it for their daily use. The tariff and plans are available on the app and it is not very high. At the time of my usage it was Rs. 10 for first 30 mins and then Rs. 5 for every 30 minutes henceforth. However, you would have to make a deposit first. It was Rs. 100 when I tried.

How to take a ride on Yulu Bike Sharing Service?

  • Once the app has been downloaded and money has been added. You need to open the app and tap on the unlock button at the bottom of the home screen.
  • Now you need to scan the QR code present in the bicycle or manually enter the 6-digit vehicle code beneath the QR code to unlock the bicycle.
  • The app might ask you to connect your phone’s Bluetooth and, in that case, allow it to do so.
  • Now you can ride the bicycle wherever you want following the traffic rules.
  • Once you have reached your destination you need to find the nearest Yulu zone to park your bicycle. You might want to first check whether there is a Yulu Zone before reaching the destination as they are still growing the number of zones and it might not be available everywhere.
  • Once you find the Yulu Zone. Park your bicycle and lock the bicycle manually.
  • Now click on the End button in your app to finish your ride.

Yulu Bike Riding App can be used in a number of ways. One can like me use to ride it just for fun, travel for one point to another, use it as a form of exercise, learn how to ride a bicycle if you haven’t yet, if you are considering purchasing one for yourself this could be your trial bike to get a feel of what you will have to deal with and so on.

So, for all those who are in Navi Mumbai, Yulu Bike Sharing Service is something you should try riding Yulu Bikes whether for fitness, leisure, transport or anything else. It is a joy which you should experience in this fast and busy life where life for sometime slows down and you can enjoy things as it pass by.

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